Ti BASIC Tutorials


Welcome to my TI BASIC Tutorial site!  Click on the links above to get started!


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Also, remember to email us at tibasicinfo@gmail.com for any additional questions.

Here are some links to more advanced tutorial sites and additional sites:

Ti Basic  a bigger website full of commands and instruction (where I learned Ti BASIC).  I highly suggest that you visit this site if you want to learn more!

Ti Advanced learn how to shrink your program size and write efficiently

Ti BASIC Programs a wide variety of excellent calculator games and programs

 Convertors a wide variety of wonderful convertors and calculators

Or, simply Google Ti BASIC below!

My abbreviations

Some symbols on the calculator cannot be displayed on this site.  Here are my abbreviations for them:

-->   =   Sto> (found above [on])

(Pi)   =   Pi (3.1415926535...)

(Theta)   =   Theta (circle with a slash through it, found by pressing [Alpha], [3])

X^2   =   X to the second power

*(Some text)*   =   my notes to you

(>=) or (<=)   =   Greater than or eqaul to/ less than or equal to


Feel free to use these calculators/convertors:



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